• 02/17/2023

    Non woven Wipes

  • 05/06/2020

    Nonwoven for COVID-2019

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Hangzhou Non wovens Limited

-Leading Spunlace Manufacturer

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About Us

Hangzhou Nonwoven Limited provides printing non-woven fabrics: spunlaced non-woven fabric, chemical bonded non-woven fabric.
Our non-woven products are as following:

1. Wipes: spunlace wipes, chemical bonded wipes, needle punch wipes, spunlaced wood pulp wipes, cellulose fiber wipes, absorption oil wipes, ultra-fine fibers wipes(superfiber wipes), antibacterial wipes, air laid paper, and so on.
2. Wet wipes:baby wipes,car care wipes,pet wet wipes,etc
3. Beauty and healthy products: beauty towel, facial mask, cotton make-up remover, magic towels,  and so on.
4. Non-woven printing and printed non-woven: the provision of non-woven printing and printed non-woven.