• 02/17/2023

    Non woven Wipes

  • 05/06/2020

    Nonwoven for COVID-2019

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1.Q: What is the minimum order quantity and the delivery time?
A: The minimum order quantity(MOQ) and the delivery time for our products depend on the type of the production, normally, MOQ: 1000kilos; receiving deposits, within 30 days availability.


2.  Q: Will you offer the free sample?
A: Yes, of cause. We can send free sample to you, but courier costs are borne by the receiver.


3.Q: Can you tell me which size of wipes you can do?
A: Piece size: (28, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60)cm * (1cm-60cm any), these size can be folded with machine, otherwise, needing worker to fold.


4. Q: Do you tell me the detail folded wipes?
A: Normally, we fold one piece wipes into 1/4 folded, 1/2 folded, "C" folded, "N"folded. Of course you can select no fold.


5.  Q: Would you please tell me how many kinds the proportion of mixed fiber?
A: Generally, the nonwovens wipes are made of polyester fiber and viscose fiber, such as chemical bond wipes, spunlace wipes, needle punched wipes. The viscose fiber is as same as cotton, good absorbing water, environmental- protection material, but it is expensive, polyester fiber cheaper. Now I  tell you: 100% viscose fiber is the best, 70% viscose + 30% polyester is the better, 50% viscose + 50% polyester is the most common, 30% viscose + 70% polyester is not too bad, of course, the most cheap wipes is 100% polyester fiber. In fact, the ratio fiber can be mixed, as long as you like.