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Wet Wipes Business

Wet Wipes Business

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During to the expanding market of wet wipes, Hangzhou Non wovens Ltd have been dealed with wet wipes with parnters many years ago.
Now the company have been covered various of wet wipes for different usage:
1)Normal wet wipes
This is mainly used to clean the skin. The lower quality is usually made by thermobonded non woven fabric, some higher quality is made by spunlace or airlaid.
These normal wet wipes is usually used in outdoor, which is a disposable wet wipes.
This antibacterial wet wipes have antiseptic effect, used in cleaning, moisturizing, skin disinfection, sterilization, can also be used for daily supplies, sanitary ware, can quickly effectively kill staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, gonorrhea diplococcus, such as the leaching liquid for pure water, natural antiseptic, aloe, lanolin, kappa pyrimidine fungicide, etc.
The industrial wet wipes is widely used in many fields, and help people to cleaning the machine, glass, automobile, etc in wet.
These wet wipes can be alcohol or non alcohol. It is help people to clean the hard surface with heavy duty.
As a care of the baby, the baby wipes covered a lot of the market all over the world.
We offer high quality baby wipes which made by quality spunlace, such as our biodegradable wet wipes and bamboo wet wipes.