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Embossed Spunlace in Hangzhou Non wovens Limited

Embossed Spunlace in Hangzhou Non wovens Limited

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Embossed Spunlace in Hangzhou Non wovens Limited

Hangzhou Non wovens Limited developed many parttens of embossing spunlace non woven fabric for customers' different use.

1) Diamond spunlace

Diamond Spunlace pattern has two kinds: Big diamond with small holes and plain small diamond non woven spunlace.

These Non woven Fabric is usually used for mop cloths and it is very good at cleaning beased on this special diamond pattern.

2)Dots Spunlace

Dots Embossing spunlace pattern also has two kinds: Big Dots and small dots.

This dot spunlace is mostly used for wet wipes. Also some customers used it for mop cleaning cloths and non woven cleaning gloves.

We supply this spunlace parent rolls in good quality for customers' production.

3)Other embossing spunlace

We have been supplied some other embossing partterns as customers' design, such as football embossing partterns.

We are also very interesting that the customers develop new design in our factory.