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Multi purpose cleaning cloths

Multi purpose cleaning cloths

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Multi purpose cleaning cloths

Hangzhou Non wovens Limited have been covered almost every wiping cloths for our customers.

Someone may ask what is the most popular wiping cloths in your product range?

We have to say that the J cloths and chemical-bond wipes is the most hot sell, as this is a multi purpose cleaning cloths.

-for general purpose cleaning. A soft, strong, absorbant wiper, which can be used both wet and dry for most cleaning applications, from washing up, to wiping down surfaces, mopping up spillages, dust removal and polishing.

Key words for wiping cloths in Hangzhou Nonwoven:

Nowadays the cleaning products market is good, are you willing to get a reliable Supplier? Hangzhou Non wovens Limited is your best choice and we supply the good quality&service with competitive price. Contact Us for more inquiry.