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Spunlace composite technology

Spunlace composite technology

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Spunlace composite technology research and development, not only to overcome some of the limitations of non-woven products and increased variety, greatly broadened the spunlace nonwoven fabric applications, and technology to promote the spunlace non-woven fabric and the whole process development and improvement. (1) Spunlace and pulp flow into the net composite technology. As the price of wood pulp spunlace method commonly used than the short fiber is much cheaper, and pulp moisture and feel are very good, so products made with fiber products than all the cheap, the price is very competitive, but in the process demanding on the filtration system. Products can be used as cleaning cloth (70% g/m2), nappies and sanitary napkins in the core material. Air laid wood pulp spunlace and composite equipment Fleissner's Aquapulp, Perfojet company Airlace. (2) spunlace and spunbond fiber web composite filament technology. The product combines the method of composite spunbond nonwoven fabric strength than the market system and the good absorption properties of short fiber, and even more soft spunbond non-woven fabric, a water and oil absorption features, the intensity is comparatively high, can be used as food wrapper , decorative cloth and clean with a cloth. Spunlace and spunbond composite equipment Flerssner company Aquqspun, Aquasplit. And Freudenberg's Evolon processing technology. (3) a network of wet spunlace and composite technology. A typical process Detex Corporation Hydraspun technology company by the Detex combined with the wet form a network of Soflom Japanese Unicharm spunlace method of company registration form. Hyderaspun spunlace non-woven fabric wet strength and flexibility equal to or more than the traditional dry-spun-laced non-woven fabric, spunlace nonwoven fabric and wet crumbs, lint-free, its seam tensile strength is dry spunlace twice that of non-woven fabric, especially for apparel.